Frank’s AffloVest User Story

I was born with a serious condition called bronchiectasis and after 12 bouts with pneumonia, my lower left lobe was removed at age 13 at Boston Children’s Hospital. In addition to the removal of my lower left lobe, I also have sinusitis which required 3 sinus surgeries in Boston to assist with breathing, pain and reducing infections.
Frank - afflovest user

After years of physical therapy, medicines and other treatment I now use the AffloVest on a daily basis. The AffloVest has been a terrific medical treatment as it allows me to start my day wearing the AffloVest in my office for the first 15 to 20 minutes of the day. On the weekends I start my day doing 30 minutes on the elliptical while wearing the AffloVest the first 15 minutes.

After having 2-3 sinus infections annually and heavy congestion during allergy and cold/flu season I’ve found the past 2 years have been amazing with daily use of the AffloVest and exercise. I have not had any lingering chest congestion or heavy chest feeling with mucus buildup. In fact I have not had one sinus infection in the past two years.

AffloVest has been a terrific gift and medical tool added to my life to stay ahead of my two respiratory challenges, bronchiectasis and sinusitis. Thank you to the team at International Biophysics for bringing this mobile treatment option to my attention. This has been life changing with my health.

-Frank S.