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Patient Stories

Learn how AffloVest is making a difference in the lives of chronic respiratory patients struggling with conditions like bronchiectasis, cystic fibrosis, and neuromuscular disorders.

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Meet Willie

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Meet Emily

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Meet Kathryn

  • “My son has had his vest for some time. It has made our life so different and better in every way. We are not tied down, we can live a normal life and he can be as normal as he can living with CF. With this vest, his fight is so much easier.”
    Amanda J – Cystic Fibrosis Parent
  • “I am using my AffloVest now and just love it. I have tried the Hill-Rom vest and didn’t like it at all. This vest gives me so much freedom and allows me to increase my therapy sessions without loosing my freedom. I’m a very happy AffloVest patient!”
    Carol – Bronchiectasis Patient
  • “Thank you, AffloVest!!!!!! I received this life saving vest just five days ago. I have been doing it twice a day for 30 minutes each time. I haven’t seen 100 for my oxygen level in a LONG time. I am feeling more normal.”
    Cheri J – Bronchiectasis Patient
  • “AffloVest has been a real blessing for our daughter! We just went to clinic a few weeks ago and her small airway function has gone up from 92 to 124! We haven’t seen those kind of number in over 2 years!!!! Thank you AffloVest!”
    Melissa – Cystic Fibrosis Parent
  • “With daily use of the AffloVest and exercise, I have not had any lingering chest congestion or heavy chest feeling with mucus buildup. In fact I have not had one sinus infection in the past two years! AffloVest has been a terrific medical tool added to my life to stay ahead of my two respiratory challenges!”
    Frank – Bronchiectasis Patient
  • “AffloVest has truly changed how we handle secretions/congestion, in a way that The Vest never could. We use it in conjunction with a cough assist machine, and Peri has been pneumonia free and no hospital stays for the entire time that we have used AffloVest. We take it on vacations, day trips, without missing any sessions.”
    Team Peri – Muscular Dystrophy Care Team
  • “My patient recently received her AffloVest. She LOVES it! She says it makes her feel less like her vest therapy is a chore now. Her mom is so happy to see her happy!”
    Amy S – Respiratory Therapist
  • “What’s not to like…it’s got everything over the competition. Fit to size, lightweight, portable, easy to use remote control, 2 hr battery life, use twice a day for half hour at a time, 3 cycle therapy. It IS the GOLD STANDARD for percussion therapy. There is nothing better!!!!”
    Tom – Bronchiectasis Patient