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Browse our extensive collection of videos to learn more about the benefits of AffloVest Mobile Mechanical HFCWO airway clearance therapy for Cystic Fibrosis, Bronchiectasis and Neuromuscular patients.

AffloVest Patient Testimonials

Watch the latest videos from users of the AffloVest and listen as they share their stories.

Willie shares how AffloVest helped him get back to his best life after struggling with COVID-19 and chronic bronchiectasis.

Emily shares how she’s used AffloVest since 2017.

AffloVest Videos

Learn more about AffloVest HFCWO airway clearance therapy, the design and technology behind the AffloVest, how to get started with the AffloVest.

The choice is yours when it comes to airway clearance therapy.

Battery and Power

How to connect and disconnect the power supply.

How to connect and disconnect the battery.

How to charge the battery.

How to check the power supply.


How to clean the AffloVest.

AffloVest Measuring and Garment Adjustment Videos

How to perform a self measurement.

How to connect and adjust chest straps.

How to adjust the shoulder straps.

How to locate the serial number.

Using the Controller

How to use the AffloVest controller.

How to turn on the AffloVest.

How to turn off the AffloVest.

How to change the intensity level.

How to change therapy modes.

How to read the compliance monitor.

Using the program menu.


AffloVest motor will not run.

Program function shuts off.

Performing a reset.

AffloVest will not power on.

Dr. Barker Bronchiectasis Series

Learn more about Bronchiectasis symptoms, diagnosis and management from Dr. Alan Barker, Professor of Medicine and Respiratory Medicine at Oregon Health and Science University.

What is Bronchiectasis?

COPD with Bronchiectasis

Typical Bronchiectasis Patient

Breaking the Vicious Cycle

Airway Clearance for Bronchiectasis

Summary of Management of Airway Clearance