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Current Courses

Tactile Medical believes in the power of education and preparation for business success. The course selections below are offered to provide a rewarding pathway to understanding the AffloVest and its enormous potential for treating your patients and strengthening your business.

The INSIGHT Training Portal is set-up with 5 Courses.

  • Once you complete each course make sure that you click on “Mark Complete” you will then be instructed to take a post test.
  • You must score 100% on the posttest to obtain your Completion Certificate
  • You will be able to download a Completion Certificate on the main page of the Course and will receive it in an email as well.

As always, for more in-depth training and information please contact your local AffloVest representative.

Patient Training video modal

Patient Training

Patient Education video modal

Patient Education

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Clearing the Usage Menu

Locking and Unlocking the Program Menu video modal

Locking and Unlocking the Program Menu