Evolution of the AffloVest

Continuous Innovation Has Driven Improved Product Performance & Market Leading Technology






The introduction of the AffloVest® in 2013 revolutionized the High Frequency Chest Wall Oscillation market by bringing a proven treatment to patients and allowing for mobility during use. The ability for treatment during everyday activities has allowed patients to conduct their therapy while on the go which may led to better, overall patient adherence.

Consistently listening to patient and clinician feedback has allowed Tactile Medical to continuously improve the AffloVest over time and deliver a superior product that patients want to use and clinicians want to prescribe.

A broad range of factors also come into the redesign process. Taking in account varying patient anatomies and ergonomics resulted in offering eight different sizes of the AffloVest to ensure a correct fit for every patient, regardless of their age, height or body type. AffloVest provides patient-specific HFCWO therapy with eight anatomically positioned oscillating motors to create individual pressure waveforms that target all lobes of the lungs, front and back, to loosen, thin and mobilize the patient’s lung secretions.

The 5th Generation AffloVest. The Custom Fit.

Vibratory force doubled since the original AffloVest – ability to adjust power settings to meet any patient’s needs1

Ergonomic fit and 28% weight reduction – AffloVest is the lightest, custom fit mobile HFCWO vest in the market

Upgraded from original analog controller to current digital controller with ability to track compliance

Battery Life
Consistent improvements in battery life – current AffloVest battery can last ~2 hours on the high setting (or ~2-4 days of use2)

Vibratory Force

Vibratory force is important in HFCWO therapy. AffloVest utilizes 8 anatomically positioned mechanical oscillating motors that apply repeatable, consistent oscillation with the 3 programmable treatment modes that mimic hand CPT to help loosen, thin and mobilize secretions. The vibratory force of the 5th generation AffloVest has doubled compared to the original.¹

Watch the videos below to see how the AffloVest vibratory force has improved over the years.

1. Data on file
2. Dependent upon frequency of patient use – range of 2 – 4 days assumes 30 – 60 minutes of use per day